Thursday, December 18, 2008

Inauguration Outrage

There's been a good deal of blow back from the LGBT community over hater Rick Warren being asked to lead the invocation at his inauguration. Warren actively campaigned for Prop 8 in California and has said some nasty things about gay people; he's also strongly anti-choice.

Since President Obama's election (for which I put in a fair amount of time and legwork) I've been generally disinclined towards all the "tell Obama he must do x." People are demanding a great deal of the President-elect, especially in light of the compounding disaster that has been the previous administration. So I've been wary of signing anything to put pressure on Obama. I want to let him have at least 100 days to do what he wants to do, and I want to live up to my commitment not just to get him elected, but to push through his agenda. I trust him, which is why I worked so hard for him.

That said, this incident gives me pause. I like that Obama is trying to bridge gaps and work with people, but what if Warren asks him to delay repeal of DOMA, or not to rescind the global gag rule? Where does outreach end and capitulation begin. Via Bush and (until 2006) Warren and his ilk had control of the government and used it; they never gave an inch. And while the Republicans' despicable tactics are beneath Obama (and are probably what got him elected, in part), he should by no means give away the farm after he won such a deceive victory.

Ultimately the invocation at inauguration is symbol. If it proves to be a symbol of Obama's ability to unite our country, then it will have proved to be a great thing. If it turns out to be a symbol of his willingness to sell out the LGBT community, then it will have deserved it's denunciations. The problem with history is that by then it will be too late.

Also, on a related note but getting less attention, what's up with Obama having John Roberts swear him in. The guy's like totally conservative ;)

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